Minority Law Students

Is Law School For You

Is Law Really For You?

I think this is one of the most difficult questions to answer, especially if all you know about the law is what is supposed to happen when you get pulled over, or what you see on "Law and Order".

The answer, however, is relatively simple. Do your research.

Think about what you think law schools are looking for in applicants. Is there some area of law that particularly interests you? Why is that? Can you show evidence of your interests? Have you had significant experiences that have directed you to the path of law school?

Pretend you are the Admissions Committee, what would you be looking for?

Your Academic Background

The Admissions Committe wants to be convinced that you will be able to excel when faced with the challenge of law school. Think about why you chose your major and the skills you have developed throughout your academic life. How are the skills or the material you have learned applicable to the field of law?

Law school does not require any particular major. One Admissions representative from Harvard Law School said, "We want to know that you know a lot about a particular subject and a little about a lot of other subjects".

Be Inspired!!

What got me through the stressful experience of applying to law school was constantly looking back at the events that inspired me to choose law. We have to really look at ourselves on the inside and be honest. Find what has inspired you and hold on for the ride!

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