Minority Law Students

Mount Holyoke College- My Alma Mater

What a great college can do for you!!

Mount Holyoke College (MHC) is an all women's college in western Massachusetts. I would not be where I am today with out MHC. I can not think of a better place to get a great education while being exposed to a rich variety of people and cultures that come along with them. MHC has an incredibly diverse student population. As a minority student, it was a great place to grow intellectually and socially. The Mount Holyoke environment is one that is built on tolerance and openness.

Faculty and Staff

Mount Holyoke is a small school with quite distinguished faculty and staff. One of the things I loved most while at MHC was the small class size. This made it easy to interact with faculty and to develop relationships outside of the classroom. At MHC, my professors were real people with real lives, real obstacles to face and overcome and real passions.

The faculty at MHC made it easy for me to share my passions as well. Leaving MHC, I knew that I had met professors and staff members who truly cared about me and wished me success. I had never been able to develop such relationships in high school. I had real support and real mentors. That feeling is priceless.

Student Body

I met people from all over the US and all over the world at MHC. Getting to know my classmates was an education in itself. My background and country of origin could have been alienating factors, but at MHC, they were features that expressed who I was. As I start on my path to becoming a lawyer, I know that it is from sharing the perspectives of the many different religions, races, sexual orientations, ideologies and passions of my MHC sisters that I have developed my ability to see issues from other people's eyes.

Personality Building

I am most thankful for the support I got at MHC. I was able to thrive and grow there. I came to MHC with a quiet confidence that only got stronger and bolder as time passed. I honestly felt that as a person and a woman, there was nothing I could not do. I saw this same conversion in women who joined the MHC community after I had. Students, especially international and minority students came in not knowing where they would fit in, or if they would fit in at all. By the end of the first year, we had found our place and were taking on leadership responsibilities in on-campus groups and organizations. We were developing and leaving our legacy.

By graduation, the women leaving were strong, confident, women, full of passion and the will to succeed. I see these same characteristics in the alums that I have met. These women left their mark at MHC and continued to make a difference through the successes they achieved in their respective careers.

I hope that like those that have gone before me, I too will hold on to the treasure that MHC shares and use them to help me succeed.

Incredible Alumnae Network

The Mount Holyoke College student population's diversity is reflected in the careers of the alumnae. When it came to figuring out if law school was right for me, MHC alums were my greatest resource. Through my MHC network, I met lawyers who had practiced in a huge variety of specialties, in large and small firms, all over the country and the world. I met lawyers who had a variety of undergraduate backgrounds, who had taken several different paths to law school and who were a broad range of ages and at several different stages in their careers.

I was able to hear real stories about working as a lawyer from women who loved their work and women who hated it. These conversations allowed me to get a rounded view of the possible outcomes of a career in law.

The Mount Holyoke College network of alumnae has been invaluable.