Minority Law Students

Law School Preparation

How to Prepare for Law School

Ok, so you have been accepted, you have decided where you will be going, what now?

Many say do not prepare at all (especially law schools), but I found that reading law related material got "my head in the right place" for law school.

Also, by reading some of the material that I would be exposed to in school, I got a realistic view about what studying in law school would really be like.

My previous studies were very different from law school and reading about Contracts, Property, Torts etc made me feel a little more at ease about classes.

What can you do?

Of course you can talk to law school students, but I felt there was no uniformity in their answers.

Students do different things to succeed in law school. There seems to be no "right way". Also, I do not think students can tell what works for them until they actually see the result, that is, their grades. I recommend the following books for preparation for law school. They don't just give you information about what outling is.

1. Planet Law School II (Second Edition), by Atticus Falcon

2. Law School Confidential (Revised Edition), By Students, For Students

Planet Law School II actually gives a study schedule for as long as a year, and as short as 6 weeks before school starts. Law School Confidential also gives very practical advice about things you can do before school starts.

Get Fit

I think the advice to start an exercise regimen is a great idea. If you are not used to the long hours, studying can take a toll on yoru body.
Also, sometimes you need a healthy distraction. Getting rid of some stress can help keep you balanced.